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Re: replacing sysklogd (was: Oldest RC bugs affecting etch)

Hi Nathanael!

You wrote:

> 284914 -- trivial bug in klogd.
>   I still say we switch to another syslogd implementation and remove
>   sysklogd entirely.  It's got 4 RC bugs and 99 bugs total, including 34
>   patches.  Effectively, it's unmaintained, but Joey hasn't orphaned it.
>   It's a sloppy, screwy codebase, so I can understand if Joey doesn't want
>   to fix it.  I've been using syslog-ng happily for several years now,
>   but metalog seems to be a reasonable alternative as well.

Well, I personally have never had much problems with sysklogd, but I
agree that syslog-ng is a lot nicer.  I didn't know that it is
unmaintained upstream though.  
What are other distributions using?

Kind regards,
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