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Re: Bug#345977: ITP: polld -- Polling demon

Thus spake Roger Leigh:
> What is the problem this is trying to solve?
> If the partition table is being changed, the tool that changed it
> should issue a BLKRRPART ioctl, like fdisk does for example (see
> <linux/fs.h>).

I have a USB card reader which has 5 different slots for various media.
If I plug in the card reader and then later insert a CF card, the CF
card slot's device does not have the partition device created when using
udev (I have to insert the CF card and then plug in the card reader).  I
believe this software is created specifically for that purpose - for
card readers which do not report card insertion / removal to the kernel.

Nathan Poznick <kraken@wang-fu.org>

The world is not growing worse and it is not growing better-it is just
turning around as usual. - Finley Peter Dunne

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