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Re: stable aliases for CD drives

On Dec 29, Adrian von Bidder <avbidder@fortytwo.ch> wrote:

> Won't work because the problem at hand is exactly that /dev/hdX won't 
> necessarily be stable anymore.
No: the /dev/[sh]d* devices are as stable as they have always been.
ONLY rules using %e (the /dev/cdrom-like aliases) are unreliable.

> (and, once more, and much worse: network interfaces need a solution to the 
> same problem...)
This is a possible solution, but somebody would need to add to ifupdown
whatever is needed to support this:

# find the interface name using the MAC address
SUBSYSTEM=="net", SYSFS{address}=="?*", \
	IMPORT{program}="/sbin/ifup --mac-to-name $sysfs{address}"

# if it did not work, try using other properties
SUBSYSTEM=="net", ENV{IF_NAME}!="?*", ..., \

# set the interface name, if found
ENV{IF_NAME}=="?*",	NAME="$env{IF_NAME}"


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