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Re: debian-devel@lists.debian.org

On Wednesday 28 December 2005 23:21, Bernd Eckenfels wrote:
> In article <[🔎] 200512282222.55237.aragorn@tiscali.nl> you wrote:
> > The issue threatening the Debian Sparc port is not so much lack of
> > hardware (and certainly not older hardware), but rather people who
> > spend time on hunting down and fixing (kernel) bugs and working on
> > architecture specific packages like silo.
> Do we have a developer-wide accessible sparc64 system yet? LAst time I
> asked I get no response (only proivate offers for accounts, what I am
> very thenkfull for)

I saw a comment a few days back that vore was back up (see below).
AIUI vore being down was partly caused by networking problems and partly 
due to the recurring kernel crashes. So the question is: for how long 
will it be up.

RM seems to consider porter machine still missing, not because the 
hardware is not there, but because it will not stay up reliably.

Hmm. Maybe we should just feed it some pills?

From #d-release:
< neuro> vorlon: you know vore is up, right?
< vorlon> ah, no
< vorlon> any reason to think it's going to stay up this time?
< neuro> it's been up for 18 days
< neuro> it's just been a network problem for most of that, aiui
< neuro> which was fixed on the 16th or so?
< neuro> it may eventually hit the same kernel bug with people using it, 
< vorlon> ah

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