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Re: debian control field "depends"

ti, 2005-12-27 kello 20:56 +0100, Florian Ludwig kirjoitti:
> Hello,...
> a short question:
> has there to be a space between each dependes in the control field?
> i thought so and field in a bugreport [1] and didnt get an answer jet...
> florian ludwig
> [1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=344344

>From the Policy Manual, 7.1 Syntax of relationship fields:

        Whitespace may appear at any point in the version specification
        subject to the rules in Syntax of control files, Section 5.1,
        and must appear where it's necessary to disambiguate; it is not
        otherwise significant. For consistency and in case of future
        changes to dpkg it is recommended that a single space be used
        after a version relationship and before a version number; it is
        also conventional to put a single space after each comma, on
        either side of each vertical bar, and before each open

In other words, I don't think a space is necessary after the comma, but
it's certainly nice (makes reading easier, if nothing else).

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