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Re: Thoughts on Debian quality, including automated testing

[lots of snippage]

I fear I don't see your point - and I feel you don't see mine.

Here's why I feel *forced* comaintainership is not a solution:

Maintainers divide in
 (i) those who already work in teams on their packages
 (ii) those who don't.

Ignore (i).

(ii) divides in
 (a) those who do a good job
 (b) those ho don't.
Ignore here what metrics we use to decide that. 

This division is not useful because (a) maintainers may become (b) 
maintainers over time.  So there's

 (a) those who know when to ask for help and
 (b) those who don't.

Now, my claim is that only this (b) is what the forced comaintainership will 
try to solve.  And badly, because I assume that those latter maintainers 
are also those who would, probably, object anyway to forced 
co-maintainership, and so would either ignore the order, be forced out of 
Debian in consequence, or pay lipservice by putting Random Joe Developer 
into Uploaders (I'm not claiming they'd do that without consent of Random 
Joe, but I claim that he'd never do anything on the package, and 
consequently would not make a difference even if the package is relatively 
badly maintained.)

The other side, and we've seen some people say this in this thread already, 
is that even if a maintainer asks for help, he may not get any - IIRC nis 
was one such package, and I claim that its still used by quite a few, so in 
theory somebody should be found.

Ok, I hope this is stated clearly enough.

-- vbi

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