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Re: switching to vim-tiny for standard vi?

* Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org) wrote:
> As you can see below and in the BTS, vim's maintainer has managed to
> create a vim-tiny package that is vim without some of the extras such as
> syntax highlighting. It's now only marginally larger than nvi, which is
> the standard vi included in the base system (amazingly, it's smaller
> than nano, the other editor in the base system). Stefano suggested that
> vim-tiny could replace nvi and become part of base, and I think it's a
> good idea.
> There are obviously users who will prefer nvi to vim (and others who
> prefer some other vi), but I get the impression there are rather more who
> prefer vim, it's probably the most commonly used vi in linux these days.
> One argument I can think of for keeping nvi in base is that it is the
> closest to bug-compatible with the original vi. However, I don't think
> that will prevent hardcore vi users from easily using vim-tiny if
> it's in base.

Another good reason for doing this is that for basically every Linux
user I've encountered, vi == vim. When I tell non-Debian users that
Debian ships with something called nvi instead of vim by default, they
shake their heads and disbelief and next words out of their mouths
either make fun of Debian, or make fun of me (*snif*).

Now we don't necessarily have to pander to these people, but this
change is the sort of thing that will help the change perception of
Debian for people who think we're a bunch of crazies.

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