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New experimental sysvinit

A new version of sysvinit is being prepared for release to experimental.

1. We'll omit /run from this since debate about it continues unabated.

2. One thing I would like to do in this release is to remove the
dynamically created/deleted /etc/login file from the root filesystem.
It is proposed that initscripts create and delete a flag file in
/var/lib/initscripts/ and that /etc/nologin become a symbolic link to
/var/lib/initscripts/nologin.  Then the administrator then has these

  No-login mode at boot until boot complete:           DELAYLOGIN=yes
  No-login mode never:                                 DELAYLOGIN=no
  No-login mode always:          rm -f /etc/nologin ; :> /etc/nologin

Anyone see any problems with this scheme?  Any better ideas?
Thomas Hood

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