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Re: Thoughts on Debian quality, including automated testing

[Russ Allbery]
> Also, I think this is a little silly for small packages.  My
> experience with this sort of volunteer work in other areas is that
> if one person does nearly all the work on a regular basis, you're
> not gaining that much by having a backup.  The person who is
> theoretically the backup isn't up to speed on the package anyway and
> is going to be starting roughly as cold as any other random person
> out there.

Did you miss the point that a package need to rot quite a long time
before packages are taken out of the hands of a missing or useless
maintainer?  If there is a co-maintainer, he will most likely not wait
that long before he continue maintenance of the package.

You seem to be talking about a "co-maintainer" whose entire
responsibility is to be listed in the uploaders field, while I talk
about co-maintainers which have expressed interest in actually
maintaining a package.  The latter are quite likely to be able to take
over when the primary maintainer us unable to keep up with his tasks.

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