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Re: Thoughts on Debian quality, including automated testing

Em Qua, 2005-12-21 às 14:34 +0000, Matthew Garrett escreveu:
> I think I've said this before, but I have no objections to anyone
> uploading any of my packages. I'd be even happier if anyone who did so
> was willing to enter into some sort of reciprocal agreement.

So do I, but I would be really happy if the uploader knows how I
maintain the packages (I mean, using CVS, SVN or such) and cooperate
using such tools.

Maybe it would be interesting to have some information in the package
saying how the package is managed and the preferrable way of doing an
NMU (I actually, think that it's desirable to self-include in the
Uploaders field, to acquire responsability also)...


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