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Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> writes:

> Am 2005-12-06 09:53:43, schrieb Ivan Adams:
>> Hi again,
>> in my case:
>> I have slow internet connection. BUT I have friends with the same
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> connection
>> in my local area network, who have apt-proxy.
>> My goal is: When I need to install new system (Debian) on new user, or
>> dist-upgrade on entire system, I need the unstable packets from site.
>> In
>> this case I need to wait some HOURS. If apt have *PARALLELISM* , I
>> could
>> use  my connection and at the same time the connections of apt-proxy.
>> In that case I will download the packets twice (or more) faster.
> ???
> Do you have two Dial-In line?
>     1)  You => Internet => Debian-Server
>     2)  You => your friends apt-proxy

More like ppp0 and eth0 I guess.

You should think about using cron-apt to download debian updates
during the night when you sleep (download, not install). That way the
apt-proxy will always have all your packages ready when you decide to
actualy install.

You might also switch to squid and setup your friends squid as peer so
they share the downloads they have.


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