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Re: udev event completion order

Kay Sievers wrote:

There is also the plan to do parallel device probing inside the kernel
some day, that will make the situation of relying on kernel names even
more fragile.
Right, this means that the way of passing "root=/dev/hdc2" will no longer work because /dev/hdc will sometimes become /dev/hde. If you are serious about going to implement this, first add (to linux-2.6.16?) a boot-time warning if the kernel is booting without initramfs. The warning should say something like this:

WARNING: you have booted the kernel without initramfs and passed an explicit root device name. This will no longer work when the kernel will probe devices in parallel (i.e., since linux-2.6.??) because device ordering will be random. Please create an initramfs that mounts the root device using some stable attribute, like label or UUID.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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