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Re: [tytso@MIT.EDU: Re: Bug#343662: fsck errors halting boot after upgrade]

Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> (for example if the US Congress
> changes the definition of daylight savings time), 

That should be "when", not "if", unfortunately. AFAIK, they've already
done it.

On my system, /bin, /etc, /lib, and /sbin together are 156M;
/usr/share/zoneinfo is 5.5M. So, while a 3.5% increase in the size of /
would fix it, it seems rather wasteful for the need of ~1K.

Maybe just copy (in, e.g., postinst) the one file needed to
/lib/zoneinfo, and create the symlink to that. It really shouldn't be in
/etc; binary files do not belong there.

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