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ALSA packager needed

First, thanks to those who responded to my earlier call.

In addition to people knowledgeable about the ALSA userspace library
I would like to find someone willing to help maintain the driver side.

ALSA drivers are included in Linux 2.6, but we still ship an alsa-source
package for use with Linux 2.4 and for those who want the very latest
drivers on 2.6.  When upstream makes a new release we make a new release
of alsa-source, which along with linux-sound-base and alsa-base is
generated from the alsa-driver source package.  Updating the Debian
packaging at such times is fairly easy, but it does involve some work.

There is a new upstream release candidate out now (1.0.11rc1) and I would
like to take the opportunity to go through the process with the new
Thomas Hood

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