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Report from foss.in/2005


Since, I am not 'valid' poster of this list, my mail me be blocked by listadmin! I asked DWN to report for foss.in/2005 conference in India and Debian activity during event. Joey can answer about this post. Thanks Joey to encourage me.


foss.in/2005 was earlier known as Linux Bangalore -YEAR [1] Starting from 2001 it was highly sucessful in terms of both - attendences and speakers. Speakers was from all over the world. The conference was renamed in aim with to change focus to particular city and only to linux - it is now represents more wider choice of Free and Open Source Software - foss.in itself represnts website name! [2]

Debian at foss.in!

India, the second largest nation in the world - which is top in IT all over, lacks contibutation towards FOSS and particulary Debian! There are only 2 active Debian Developers in India. Jaldhar Vyas [3] who headed Debian-IN Project [4] was worried about the situation. Jaldhar made it possible to India. Thus, two talks was arranged in conference! Jaldhar spend most of time in meeting people to explain and answers question about Debian and Debian-IN. Vaidhy who was DD in past helped a lot during jaldhar was busy with other work. Debian-IN BOF was organised and it was successful. Many people signed each other's key and make thier way towards become Debian Developer.

What Next ?

Lots more! We expect that there should be 20 Debian Developers in near future. Representation at DebConf6 [5] from India will also make some difference in situation too. If you are coming to India, please make announcement and arrange to meet people so that more key-signing party can be organise.

Well, People behind foss.in is here [6] which includes speakers and oraganisers.

[1] http://linux-bangalore.org/
[2] http://foss.in/2005/
[3] http://debian-in.alioth.debian.org/
[4] http://www.braincells.com/debian/
[5] http://debconf.org/
[6] http://planet.foss.in/

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