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Re: Proposal/Request for Comments: Formally extending package Descriptions to handle bulleted lists.

[Daniel Burrows]
>   (1) The first line begins with N > 2 spaces,

Don't you mean N >= 2?

>   (2) The first non-space character of the first line is a bullet
>       character, and
>   (3) Each subsequent line begins with at least N + 1 + M spaces,
>       where M is the number of spaces immediately following the first
>       non-space character of the first line.

I think that's overgeneral.  I do not see the point in allowing M != 1.
I say keep the spec simple; forcing frontends to include parsing
complexity that doesn't even add anything useful is a Bad Thing.

(If aptitude wants to handle M != 1 in order to make certain legacy
descriptions look better, fine, but I don't think it should be
explicitly condoned.)

>   For the purposes of this definition, the bullet characters are [*-+].

Agreed, "o" was always a hack, though one I myself have been guilty of.

> The individual lines within a bulleted block should be parsed as if
> N+M characters were stripped from the left-hand side of the block (if
> M=0, the initial bullet character should be treated as if it were a
> space).

See above about supporting M == 0.  It doesn't even look good in legacy
frontends.  And as you say later on a related subject:

>       Furthermore, fixing the description in this case is trivial.


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