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Re: ldd -u (Re: Solving recursive dependency disease in KDE-based packages)

dato@net.com.org.es wrote:
> * Nathanael Nerode [Sun, 11 Dec 2005 07:35:41 -0500]:
> >   To work out which libraries you're linked to which you don't actually 
> >   ldd -u <executable or library> is invaluable.
>   This seems like not the case _at all_ to me (the "invaluable" bit):

Yes, it definitely gives lots of false positives.  I haven't seen it give a 
false negative yet though, which makes it a reasonable starting point.

>For now, I
>  plan on sticking to Henning Makholm's "libneeded" lintian check:
Great if you've got it working; I hadn't.

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