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Re: Intel notebooks for needy developers in developing countries

> Yeah that would be a real pain to exlude countries because of stupid
> political 'correctness'. All in all in Free Software movement we don't know
> what the borders are, do we?

We (Debian developers and contributors) certainly all agree on this
(or, at least, the vast majority of us).

However, the donator here is a US company which may be restricted by
the laws of the United States of America. Whether we like them or not
is not really relevant. If Intel cannot donate a computer to a Cuban
citizen, there's not much we can do about it, except by asking the same
donation to a company that wouldn't be restricted to these exportation
laws (such as a Japanese company, maybe...which I'm not even sure of).

This certainly does not prevent Andreas to record the name of a Cuban
citizen in his list and propose it to Intel which is what I would
recommend doing if a Cuban citizen really qualifies for the donation.

But we should wait until we know there is *really* someone qualifying
for the donation in Cuba, before turning this into a rhetorical case,

(removing CC to Andreas who certainly reads this list)

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