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Re: Intel notebooks for needy developers in developing countries

Andreas Schuldei wrote:

* Andy Teijelo Pérez <ateijelo@uh.cu> [2005-12-09 11:52:07]:
Does a country considered by the U.S. government as terrorist, or with which having commercial relationships is forbidden for american companies, apply for this offering?

I got some wise advice about not to make the contry the ulitmate
critera (and to NOT give a list of countries).

So if there would live a person in cuba working hard on debian
and being unable to afford a computer, I would not exclude him
because the US government does not like cuba. (I come from the
old europe myself, after all. :-)
I couldn't care less about the US government. Is just the fact that if the PC is done in any of the associated countries, they are not allowed to distribute to those countrys. In other words, MIT, Intel, AMD or whoever OEM that is actually part of the US would never be allowed to ship to Cuba. Never. It would have to be all done by some Japan company or so.


I am not the one makeing the ulitmate decision, though. I just
put together the list.

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