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Re: master mail problems -- help needed

* Lionel Elie Mamane:

>> You also have one IPv4-only MX,
> No, I don't.

But Exim 4 thinks so:

  router = dnslookup, transport = remote_smtp
  host capsaicin.mamane.lu [2001:888:19f0::2]                   MX=9
  host capsaicin.mamane.lu [2001:888:19f0:2::2]                 MX=9
  host quorn.mamane.lu     []                      MX=10
  host tofu.mamane.lu      [2001:888:19f0:0:210:5aff:fe45:9b17] MX=11
  host a.mx.conuropsis.org [2001:838:300:241::2]                MX=30
  host a.mx.conuropsis.org []                    MX=30

My local BIND omits a few AAAA records from the answer to
mamane.lu/IN/MX to bring it below the 512 byte limit (it may do so,
after all it's just the addtitional section).  I would have thought
that Exim queried for AAAA records if necessary, but this seems to be

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