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Re: Mailing list administration - add default Mail-Followup-To automatically

On Thu, Dec 08, 2005 at 07:36:34PM +0100, Simon Josefsson wrote:
> >   When using the Debian mailing lists, please follow these rules:
> >   . When replying to messages on the mailing list, do not send a
> >     carbon copy (CC) to the original poster unless they explicitly
> >     request to be copied.

> Couldn't the list manager add the proper Mail-Followup-To, if it is
> not already present?  I'm reading this mailing list through gmane.org.
> It is not scalable to manually check all the rules of various groups,
> even if doing so would be courteous.

Maybe; I don't know if that would cause any problems.  In case anyone
thinks this is a good idea and wants to implement it (or if anyone less
ambivalent than me wants to push for it), I'll CC to d-devel.

> That rule is problematic if non-members post to the list, either
> directly or accidentally by participating in a cross-posted
> discussion.

I think people tend to give more leeway when a discussion is being cross-
posted and they get unwanted CCs.  (People are usually busy just making
sure the conversation stays on both lists.)

It's a more reasonable default on most lists: usually, most people in a
discussion are subscribed.  It makes more sense to me to require that the
few people posting to a list unsubscribed set a header saying so, than
the majority of people posting subscribed do so.

Glenn Maynard

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