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Re: [RFC] xulrunner, shlibs, and dependencies.

> > Yes, sonames can be more or less arbitrary strings.  You can certainly use
> > sonames with "debian" in them with a fairly high degree of confidence that
> > upstream won't collide with them.
> THAT is cool.

FWIW, FYI, I did some work on that and managed to build xulrunner with
basic sonames through quite clean additions to the mozilla build system
for the base tree and the nspr tree. I still need to do similar work for
the security tree (being the libnss and friends), though (their build
system is really brain damaged, and i'm not even talking about the fact
they include libjpeg, libcairo, libbz2, (...) sources).

The good thing is that shlibs work correctly now :)

I also managed to build epiphany on top of it, but that required a few
adjustments I'll submit in the BTS when the package will be uploaded,
which I believe might occur in 10 days or so.



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