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Re: Bug#341425: ITP: libmail-date-perl -- RFC2822 compliant date-time conversion

Scripsit Stephen Quinney <sjq@debian.org>

>  The well-known RFC822 has been obsoleted by RFC2822 since April 2001
>  and the standard format of expression for date-time was updated in
>  the RFC2822.

How does this sentence belong in the package description? If there is
a lot of software out there which is generating RFC822 dates (with
two-digit years or idiosyncratic timezones) it has been a while since
it has come to my attention.

>  This lightweight module provides a method for converting
>  the time in seconds since the epoch along with the local timezone
>  into the correctly formatted RFC2822 representation.

Is this worth a package of its own? It's not as if generating RFC2822
dates in perl is hard - there are twoliners easily googleable.

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