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Re: cvs loginfo configuration for alioth?

Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a 'loginfo' file configuration that works 
> for alioth.
> I thought I have found a solution few days ago, but when 
> I came back, it no longer seems to work correctly:
> CVSROOT/loginfo contains:
> DEFAULT /usr/bin/cvs-mailcommit --mailto pbuilder-maint@lists.alioth.debian.org --from pbuilder-maint@lists.alioth.debian.org --diff --full --root %r --dir %p %{sVv}
> CVSROOT/config contains:
> UseNewInfoFmtStrings=yes
> This combination gives a warning:
> /cvsroot/pbuilder/pbuilder/debian/changelog,v  <--  pbuilder/debian/changelog
> new revision: 1.400; previous revision: 1.399
> cvs commit: warning:  Set to use deprecated info format strings.  Establish
> compatibility with the new info file format strings (add a temporary '1' in
> all info files after each '%' which doesn't represent a literal percent)
> and set UseNewInfoFmtStrings=yes in CVSROOT/config.  After that, convert
> individual command lines and scripts to handle the new format at your
> leisure.
> Unknown argument '%{sVv}', deleting.

The documentation says:

      --cvs %{sVv}


      This option is only usful for old-style CVS format strings
      (i.e. prior to CVS 1.12.6).  You can continue using old- style
      format strings with newer cvs if you write %1{sVv} and set
      UseNewInfoFmtStrings=yes in CVSROOT/config.  For more recent
      versions of CVS you should, however, use the new --root and
      --dir arguments and place %{sVv} at the end of the commandline.

Maybe using %1{sVv} instead helps?



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