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Re: Bug#339658: should not call update-modules for module-init-tools

On Dec 05, Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:

> dh_installmodules generates code to run update-modules in the postinst
> and postrm, which are run when modules are installed or removed. Amoung
> other things, the depmod call in update-modules.modutils makes the newly
> installed modules in the postinst available for immediate use (if the
> kernel matches). 
Right, I did not remember that update-modules also runs depmod.
This is interesting, because if modutils is not installed then depmod
will not be run by the update-modules script of module-init-tools.
Nobody ever reported this, so I wonder if the packages which install 2.6
modules already run depmod or what else.

My goal was to prepare the update-modules phase-out, but now I am not so
sure. What should I do, encourage the maintainers of modules for 2.6
kernels to just use depmod or make update-modules run it and keep the
script forever?
Comments are encouraged, I favour the first option.


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