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XyMTeX licensing

Dear Dr. Shinsaku,

I'm one of the people developing the TeX Live software distribution for
the TeX user groups.  The Debian project recently asked me about XyMTeX,
which we do currently include in TeX Live, based on your license
statement being analogous to that of Knuth's for TeX itself.

But now it seems that back in April, Debian contacted you about this,
and you replied that only personal + CTAN redistribution was allowed.

If that is truly what you intend, then we will regretfully have to
remove XyMTeX from TeX Live (and other free software distribution).  Of
course we'd much prefer to keep distributing it.

So, may I ask you to clarify/confirm, please?

If you do intend the user groups and distributions to be able to include
it, then I'd like to further suggest that the LPPL
(http://www.latex-project.org/lppl/) is perhaps the simplest widespread
choice that seems to come closest to your wishes.

Thanks for all your work, and best regards,

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