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Re: Bug#340624: ITP: sendcard -- web-based virtual greeting card (e-card) software

[Wesley J. Landaker]
> As described by the upstream website (the rest of this is a quote):
> What is sendcard?
> Sendcard is a multi-database (It currently supports 9 different
> databases!) e-card or virtual postcard program written in PHP. Suitable
> for large or small sites, it is very easy to setup, and comes with an
> installation wizard. What could be easier?

Please, for the love of cod, drop three sentences: the one with the
exclamation point and both of the ones with question marks.

>   * Support for 9 databases 
>   * MySQL
>     * PostgreSQL
>     * Interbase
>     * MS SQL
>     * mSQL
>     * OCi8
>     * ODBC
>     * Oracle
>     * Sybase
>     * Easily Extensible using built-in plugin architecture
>     * Unlimited support
>     * IT'S FREE!

OK, we don't need the 9 databases on 10 lines, one line would be
enough.  And for that matter there's probably no need to list the
database engines we do not supply with Debian.  (Not that ODBC is a
database engine anyway.)

It's also probably a bad idea to imply that the Debian Project wishes
to guarantee "unlimited support".  And our users already know our
software is free.

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