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master mail problems -- help needed

>From time to time, master seems to bounce mail routed to mail.enyo.de
with the following error message:

    retry time not reached for any host after a long failure period

Is anybody experiencing a similar problem?

I tried to debug it myself, using the information I could access on
master, but I couldn't gather enough evidence to present to the
postmasters so far.  IIRC, when there are no prolonged connectivity
problems, the error message is characteristic of a broken Exim retry
configuration (no retry section at all, or something like that), but
master's configuration seems to be fine in this regard.

The host mail.enyo.de had some intermittent connectivity problems
during the past few weeks (downtimes of about one hour every couple of
days, nothing which should cause Exim to run past its configured retry
limit).  But this has been fixed, and the sporadic bounces continued.
The other problem is a certain sluggishness when one of those botnets
attempts to send spam to hundreds of message IDs, but these attacks
last a couple of minutes only, and master should be able to cope with

This problem has gained some unexpected urgency because I was kicked
off the PTS due to these bounces (I think so, I haven't been shown one
of the PTS bounces).  On the other hand, it rules out my .procmailrc
on master as an error source (because PTS mail gets sent to
<fw@deneb.enyo.de> directly).

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