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Re: g++/stl -frepo problem?

2005/11/19, Miles Bader <snogglethorpe@gmail.com>:
> Really?  I only started using -frepo because my executable had become
> bloated, and it seemed to help quite a bit; I'll have to try again
> without...

Ok, I tried it without -frepo, and you're absolutely right -- the
binary is bigger, but only by 277 bytes!

It occurs to me that the the difference might be to various template
functions which are defined, but not ever used -- I assume there would
be one copy of such functions in the executable without -frepo, but
-frepo would avoid compiling them entirely.

I don't know the cause of the the bloat behavior which originally
induced me to start using -frepo, but it seems to be gone now.

Anyway, it still might be a bug in -frepo, but obviously I'm a lot happier.

Many thanks for cluing me in about this!

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