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RFC: Using Enhances a bit more?



  Using the "Enhances:" field a bit more, so that packages that are
  related become really so.


  Package: libapache2-mod-foobar
  Enhances: apache2

  Package: foo-game-levels
  Enhances: foo-game

  Package: (phpgroupware|webmin|zope|openoffice)-foobar
  Enhances: (phpgroupware|webmin|zope|openoffice)


A feature request I often heard around debtags is to group packages that
are part of the same 'suite'.  This would allow a package manager to
connect a package with all of its plugins, modules, documentation and
helper tools.

So far we tried to do it in debtags using a group of tags called
'suite'; however, while this is good for things that are really suites
ot software like Gnome or KDE, it is not really helpful to group little
groups of related packages like a package, its related development
library, its documentation and a couple of plugins.

For those cases, a more finer-grained approach would be needed.  One
idea is to use the already existing but not that used Enhances field.




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