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Re: Bug#276871: acknowledged by developer (Bug#276871: fixed in gdm

Why didn't you keep debian-devel as Cc ?

Le jeudi 17 novembre 2005 à 09:31 -0800, Ryan Murray a écrit :
> The debian/changelog file documents the changes _I_ made.  And the change I
> made was "new upstream release".  The list of bugs that fixes is listed.
> If you want to see details of changes upstream made, the upstream changelog
> contains these details.  If you have reason to believe that upstream has not
> fixed these bugs, that is what the reopen command is for.  Please stop using
> the command for other reasons.

Oh, and where in the upstream changelog can we find the references to
the closed Debian bugs?

Is it really too much for you to add that in the changelog:
 * New upstream release (closes: #313200)
   + Now treats all mouse buttons equally (closes: #258934).
   + IncludeOnly patch is integrated (closes: #327464).
   + Binaries moved to /usr/sbin (closes: #261979).
   + gdmflexiserver provides an option to start a new X server anyway   
     (closes: #309224).
   + ...

When you need 5 months to package a new version, I'd guess you could
take 5 minutes to write a decent changelog entry. If you don't even have
that time, may I recall that you have received numerous help proposals
for this package during the last two years and that you ignored all of

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