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Re: State of gcc 2.95 use in Debian unstable

Thiemo Seufer <ths@networkno.de> writes:

> while preparing an upload of gcc-2.95 which fixes its worst problems
> I wondered how many users of it are actually left. 9 packages in
> unstable still declare a build dependency on gcc-2.95 or g++-2.95,
> this makes it IMHO a plausible release goal to get rid of 2.95
> maintenance for etch.

The most recent LJ notes that Adrian Bunk tried to push a patch in the
kernel to remove support for older compilers, but was met with
resistance from people that still use GCC 2.95.  Apparently, these
people prefer it for development due to its significantly faster
compilation times compared to v3 and higher versions.

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