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Re: CDBS and other build systems

Quoting "Ivan S. Dubrov" <WFrag@yandex.ru>:
> The problem is I can't find thorough documentation or some kind of "How To"
> there I can find how to write these extensions. Although they just simply
> pieces of make-files, I find it difficult to start understanding them. For
> example, the diffirence between "rule" and "class" are not very clear for me.

I like CDBS a lot and all my packages use it. Unfortunately, the
documentation is not very extensive. OTOH, the variables are well
documented in the makefiles, i.e. just read through

Furthermore, there is
in English and
in German.

Other things, I did: I looked for packages build-depending on
CDBS and stole from the debian/rules, and I asked "stupid"
questions on the CDBS hackers spam exploder:
With some luck, questions get answered.

Cheers, WB

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