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eidviewer menu entry


Maintaining the belpic package, I recently found out that they hid their
license somewhere else. Since I hadn't found their license document
previously, I didn't package what I thought was being distributed
without a license; however, now that I found out that they do have a
license, and that it is DFSG-free, I decided to package the 'other'
bits, too.

For completeness, the belpic source package contains software to manage
the Belgian electronic ID card; previously I'd only packaged the
modified OpenSC code that they distribute, which allows a user to read
out the X.509 certificates that are on the card.

The next upload (which is in NEW already) adds libeid and the eidviewer;
the former allows a programmer to read out identity information and
pictures from the card; the latter provides a GUI to interactively view
the data on the card, with the ability to store it to disk and to print
it out, if necessary.

Since eidviewer is an interactive application, I want to add it to the
Debian menu, but I'm having problems finding the right place to put it;
none of the categories really fit. The 'Apps/Viewers' category is listed
in the menu sub-policy as being for 'image viewers', which eidviewer
isn't. There's a category 'Apps/Tools', but the description of that
category suggests small things like dockapps or so, which eidviewer
isn't. There's 'Apps/Technical', which claims to be for 'technical
stuff', a nice and vague term that officially applies to every piece of
software patented in the EU, but really rather unhelpful.

IOW, there's a long list of categories, but I don't feel like any of
them is really appropriate.


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