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RFC: drop kerberos4-support?


while my regular "clean up RC-bugs"-work I noticed that the package krb4
is RC-buggy in more than one way. On further investigation, I also
noticed that kerberos 4 is dying right now, and also that the bugs are
not as easy to fix. Also, upstream doesn't look too active according to
http://www.pdc.kth.se/kth-krb/. For this reason, I started to consider
to push dropping of the krb4-package from unstable. This has some
influence on the heimdal-package, and also on the release notes for
migration issue. However, I personally tend to go that way. Please see
bug #315059 for some discussion; especially, heimdal in experimental
stopped to depend on kerberos 4.

Well, my question is simple: should I push packages to go away from
kerberos-4-support? Unless there is a good reason to do not, I would
start to push into that direction. And of course, feel free to send me
things that need to be changed. As usual, the maintainers have a special
say in everything (that's why I Cced them). :)


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