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New version of kernel-package to create image packages using debconf


        A new version of kernel-package is imminent, it is undergoing
 boot camp out in experimental. For the impatient, this release brings
 the log awaited debconf usage for kernel image packages -- and the
 raison d'etre of this mail. Below are the new features of the
 upcoming kernel-package -- but first, since the kernel image package
 asks questions in the preinst, and uses debconf now, is it OK for
 kernel image packages to pre-depend on debconf? Or should I resurrect
 the old preinst code and laternately ask questions manually?

        Back to the regularly schedules press release.

        This version of kernel-package has been largely
 reorganized. The crusty old mechanism has beenremoved, the targets
 are now streamlined. One of the factors that made the build mechanism
 so complex was that the rules file had a dual purpose: Initially,
 when ./debian was not present or not populated, it was responsible
 for populating that, and then it was responsible for building the
 kernel packages, incorporating any user customizations.

        Also, this version implements the new ramdisk generation tool
 finding plan. The ramdisk variable in /etc/kernel-pkg.conf or
 /etc/kernel-img.conf can now be a space separated list of init ram
 disk creation commands, which need to also support the
 --supported-host-version and --supported-target-version options, just
 like mkinitrd does. The list in /etc/kernel-pkg.conf is used to set
 defaults (by setting INITRD_CMD). However, the defaults are set to a
 subset of "mkinitrd mkinitrd.yaird mkinitramfs", the subset being
 decided based on the version of the kernel being built, so one should
 refrain from setting this manually -- unless one knows what one is
 doing.  The list in /etc/kernel-img.conf is the list tried at
 installation time.

	The stem used for the kernel-related packages is now set to
 $DEB_HOST_OS -- so we create kfreebsd-image-foo or linux-image-foo
 packages, for instance.

        The kernel image maintainer scripts now use  debconf; and a
 number of questions have been moved to the config file while others
 are asked conditionally in the postinst. The postinst has also become
 far less verbose.

        The postinst gets rid of the code that generated boot floppies
 and created lilo.conf (that latter was probably illegal under current
 policy anyway). The do_boot_enable and do_boot_floppy configuration
 variables in /etc/kernel-img.conf are now invalid.

        Also, the source tree is not automatically cleaned; the
 do_clean configuration variable, and the environment variable
 CLEAN_SOURCE, now control if the source tree is optionally cleaned
 after the kernel image package is built.

        We now take special care of the case in which the
 kernel-headers are installed after the kernel-image has been; and the
 build symlink is not setr. In this case, the header postinst now
 correctly installs the build symlink.

        Another fallout from the kernel-package generated packages
 being made lintian clean is that it was noticed that the default
 versioning was such that the packages appeared to be Debian native,
 obviously not the case. It now generates a proper $version-$debian
 version, unless over ridden.

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