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Re: device nodes with udev?

On Nov 07, Miles Bader <miles.bader@necel.com> wrote:

> It seems to work OK, but the weird thing is that I got a bunch of random
> useless device nodes in /dev as a result, and I'm not entirely sure
> where they're coming from.
The kernel.

> The main offender is ptys -- I use udev for my devices, and normally
> /dev/pts gets used for ptys, but with the new kernel there were suddenly
> about 10 zillion old-style pty-related device nodes -- /dev/[pt]ty[a-z][0-9]
So tell the kernel team to stop enabling CONFIG_LEGACY_PTYS.

> -- there are also a bunch of other random devices I don't want like
> /dev/ram[0-9].
Rebuild a kernel without a ramdrive then.

Or if you really can't live with these devices and can't be bothered
building a new kernel, use something like:

cat <<END > /etc/udev/rules.d/000_my.rules
KERNEL=="pty[a-z]*", NAME= ""
KERNEL=="ram[0-9]*", NAME= ""

> Where exactly are these created?  Given that I'm using udev, I'm surprised
> that which kernel I have installed even makes a difference -- shouldn't
> device creation just be left up to udev?  Is there a setting I should be
> setting but am not?
README.Debian may be a good way to start learning how udev actually


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