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Re: Debian based GNU/Solaris: pilot program

On Wed, 2005-11-02 at 10:41 +0100, Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Alex Ross:
> > 2) 2,300 Debian packages available for immediate usage.
> How do you solve the problem that you cannot legally distribute
> software which is licensed under the GNU General Public License and is
> linked against a libc which is covered by the CDDL?  Have you ported
> GNU libc?

all questions answerd on our web-portal.

> > 3) Developer's portal at http://www.gnusolaris.org - fully functional, with
> > downloads, APT repository, discussion forums, developer's "hack zone", bug
> > database, blogs, and numerous Solaris and free software related resources.
> This web site requires authentication.

you have to send e-mail to Alex and request an account. This is "pilot"
program, and mainly for web polishing, etc


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