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Re: Re: [Mass bug filing] Native vs. non-native packages consistency

On Sat, Nov 05, 2005 at 12:32:18PM +0100, Roland Stigge wrote:

> >> Feel free to point me to false positives, as I haven't checked every
> >> single one of them. I know that some of them already have respective
> >> bugs filed against them.

> > Indeed, at least some of these *are* false positives; there is nothing
> > that prohibits the use of dashes in native version numbers [...]

> Right, thanks for pointing that out. The Debian native package state and
> Debian revisions are currently not directly connected. However, there
> were discussions[1] in the past about enforcing that.

Right, well, see the other thread (somewhere? here?) about NMU version
numbers for native packages for why I think that would be a bad idea. :)

> > [...] so I don't  really think it's appropriate to mass-file bugs
> > against packages which  appear to be missing .diff.gz's until they've
> > been verified individually.

> Of course, I wouldn't just script 300+ bug openings automatically but
> work on them individually.

> A general criterion for opening a bug would be that there is a suitable
> upstream package/tarball available that would be suitable as for the
> general orig.tar.gz case, and/or that the package was non-native before
> and one of the last uploads turned it to native by missing the orig.tar.gz.

> Right?

Yes, that sounds like an appropriate filter.

> > However, noting that you've managed to tag large
> > numbers of core kernel packages as false-positives

> I was well aware that the list includes some holy cows. ;-) Therefore, I
> asked first. (Well, would have done that anyway.)

> However, I consider most kernel packages you listed as legacy Debian
> kernel packaging style.

That's fine, but there's nothing "legacy" about the principle that a native
package's version number may need dashes.

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