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Re: d-i: partitioned md devices? allowed but not supported?

In article <[🔎] 20051105033529.GG17635@khazad-dum.debian.net> you wrote:
> It will autorun/enable *all* md devices it can, not just md0.  All of them
> will be available to bootstrap, and telling the kernel (through the command
> line) to mount a root partition in /dev/md1 will work just fine). This was
> true the last time I tried that, anyway, which was about one year ago.

Yes I guessed so, however it does not do it. In dmesg I only see md0
discovered, md1 does work only after putting it in mdadm.conf and using

Well, I cant investigate on the system in question since it is now
productive, but will check another one. Thanks for your reply.


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