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Re: postinst scripts failing because a new conffile wasn't accepted: Is it a bug?

Frank Küster wrote:

> Because one of the changes in the new version was crucial for the
> function of the program, the postinst script fails to initialize it, and
> the whole installation process fails.

I agree this is the right thing to happen. A package which has been
configured is expected to provide its functionality by any packages
which Depend: on it, and also by the admin.

Also, if you just ignore the error, it'll get lost in dpkg's messages,
and the admin will be confused when one of you Depend'ing packages
mysteriously fails to configure.

BTW: I suspect a lot of packages will fail to configure if you mess up
the config enough. Extremely important packages do this too; e.g., lilo,
kernel images. It is quite important there: The admin *must* be made
aware of the failure.

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