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Calculating deps size - splitting a package


ekg2 consists of a main program, and a dozen or so plugins, currently
all in one package. Most of the dependancies come from shlibs, which
investigates both the main program and the plugins.

As it is with plugins, different people use different subsets of them.
Since the current setup causes the package to pull in such stuff as X or
libsqlite3, I want to split the plugins into different packages.

However creating one package for a plugin would be an overkill. So I
want to create some sets of plugins, to achieve a compromise between the
number of packages and the size of the dependancies for an average user.

Since there are currently 16 plugins, I don't want to investigate each
one manually. Ideally, there would be a tool, which would run ldd on
each plugin in turn and show the list of all direct and indirect
dependancies (with their installed-sizes) that adding the plugin in
question to a binary package would pull in. I am interested on the total
effect to an end-user, for each plugin.

Is there something like this (or close) available?

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