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Re: Dummy packages and metapackages (call for consistency in the descriptions)


>  * Metapackages

> A metapackage is one of those packages used to pull in other packages.
> If they are removed, it's likely that something goes wrong.  They are
> used for various reasons, such as ensuring that one out of many versions
> of a package is installed (like the python modules do) or ensuring that
> a specific set of functionality is present (like the med-* packages).

  Would it be unreasonable to ask that metapackages have to be _empty_,
  i.e., that all their functionality it's in their control file?

  Because the idea of tagging 'python' as a metapackage, when it
  provides the Python FAQ, the Python Policy, and more importantly,
  /usr/bin/python, does not sound too good to me.


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