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[syntaxis@gmail.com: Re: portrserve, gidreserve, was Re: Debian Weekly News - October 25th]

As per the recommendation below, I'm forwarding this.

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Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 01:23:08 +0100
From: Andrew Saunders <syntaxis@gmail.com>
To: deejoe@raccoon.com
Subject: Re: portrserve, gidreserve, was Re: Debian Weekly News - October 25th

On 10/25/05, D. Joe Anderson <deejoe@raccoon.com> wrote:

> You know, a gidreserve or uidreserve would be useful too.
> ${EMPLOYER} maps the group "users" to gid 101 instead of what
> Debian uses, 100.  If one doesn't stop at a completely
> bare-bones base install to reserve gid 101 to allow the
> conversion from users=100 to users=101, it gets taken up by the
> next package that needs a low, but assigned-at-install-time,
> gid.

Very interesting, but why did you send this to -user? I recommend you
re-post this to debian-devel so that the devs actually become aware of

Andrew Saunders

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