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Re: Versioned BTS question:

On Sunday 23 October 2005 21.48, Ken Bloom wrote:
> I'm tracking through some old bugs I submitted, cleaning up. I'd like
> to close bug 256715, because jpilot and gtk-engines-smooth no longer
> interact (because jpilot uses GTK+2 now). What's the appropriate
> version to specify to the BTS?

If you can track it down easily: as close as you can find to the version 
that made the bug report obsolete.

If you can't or you don't want to spend the effort: if, for example, 
jpilot/stable has the problem and jpilot/testing hasn't, just close the bug 
for the version in testing.  Make a not in the closing message that it may 
not be the exact version, but I doubt anybody will ever care.

-- vbi

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