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Re: Bug#335185: ITP: newmat -- manipulate matrices using standard operations

On Sun, Oct 23, 2005 at 11:14:06AM +0200, Willi Mann wrote:

> >* License         : Custom license (looks like public domain to me)
> I think this is wrong.
> The readme file states:
> >This library is freeware and may be freely used and distributed.
> This fails DFSG, paragraph 3.

I think the readme is just unclear.

In http://www.robertnz.net/nm10.htm#use I read:

  There are no restrictions on the use of newmat except that I take no
  liability for any problems that may arise from this use.
  I welcome its distribution as part of low cost CD-ROM collections.
  You can use it in your commercial projects. However, if you distribute
  the source, please make it clear which parts are mine and that they are
  available essentially for free over the Internet. 

So it appears that the author is happy about modifications and
redistribution, and probably has it in his own interpretation of

Maybe he can be talked into removing the ambiguity and formalizing it in
a clearer existing license?  Looks like he's wanting a BSD one.



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