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Re: [Fwd: major problem with gnome-games dependency]

Scribit Kevin Mark dies 13/10/2005 hora 02:26:
> I was thinking of a feature that would show 'recommends' but add a
> line line explaining what installing package X would add to the
> currently selected package.
> [...]
> if this metadata could be added to the package data file it could be
> utilized by some program(not sure which or how).

I think Debian should develop a general metadata solution for APT. There
are already very powerful tools to handle metadata, like the RDF data
model, it's serializations (RDF/XML, N3, etc.) and tools associated
(Raptor, Rasqal and Redland already packaged in Debian, including

With a generic metadata infrastructure in the APT tools, it wouldn't be
a pain anymore to extend APT: debtags could be achieved with it,
dependency explanation also.

With a separation between the core APT features, like installation end
dependency handling, and the metadata addon, it could also be possible
to fetch metadata elsewhere: one could have it's own debtags metadata,
or some teams of DD or users could publish specific debtags (e.g. for
parents that don't want violent games on their system...).

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