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Re: [Bug#334632] Your message to Pkg-openssl-devel awaits moderator approval

On Fri, Oct 21, 2005 at 03:23:27PM +0200, Frank Küster wrote:
> > yeah.  i'd say it's bad practice to have the Maintainer
> > field of a package not go directly to the maintainer(s).
> Some packages have the Maintainer: field set to a list, e.g. dpkg, apt,
> tetex, probably most java packages.

i wasn't quite clear i guess, but i didn't mean to imply that.  indeed,
some of my packages have Maintainer pointing at alioth lists :)  i just
meant that having extra manual filters to prevent the mail from getting
to the maintainers would be a bad idea--especially so if the size of
the maintainers is large while there are only one or two list admins,
or it's an important package where something (like say a security
vulnerability in a crypto API) could be silently and invisibly
held up until the next time the list admin decided to check the

as for the spam issue, the amount of spam i get via my debian
packages is insignificant to the amount i get to my individual
email addresses, but maybe that's just me :)

> At least the alioth lists should be configured so that mail forwarded
> from the BTS, packages.debian.org, qa.debian.org and maybe others should
> be let through without manual action.

that's a good idea, and i'm imagining that it's probably quite 
a feasible one too.  i wonder if anyone who knows more about
mailman could chime in?



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