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Re: Dependencies of -dev packages

I demand that Gabor Gombas may or may not have written...

> So I propose a different solution, which is not perfect, but is better than
> the current situation:

> - -dev packages should only Depend: on other -dev packages neccessary
>   for shared linking
> - -dev packages should Recommend: any other -dev packages that are
>   neccessary for static linking
> - Make pkg-config mandatory. pkg-config can already handle the case that
>   different libraries are needed for static and shared linking.

I can see potential problems with that last part regarding upstream
developers whose software happens to depend on packages for which pkg-config
support remains Debian-specific because upstream doesn't accept the patch.
It's possible that the Debian-specific nature of this support may simply not
be noticed until bug reports start coming in from users of other

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Would it help if I got out and pushed?

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