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Re: gcc 4.1 with stack smashing protection in etch?

On Wed, Oct 19, 2005 at 11:45:21PM +0200, Michael Meyer wrote:
> Hi,
> now that Steve Langasek has published July 30th as the
> toolchain freeze, do you already know if you will
> include   gcc 4.1 instead of 4.0 as the standard gcc
> in etch? If yes, etch could profit from the
> ProPolice-like stack smashing protection in gcc 4.1.
Let's see it first :)  There is currently a transition 
going on to get GCC 4.0x as the default compiler
across all architectures that Debian supports. That
takes a long time :( 4.1 is currently in stage 3 - if
I'm reading the GCC site properly - which means it will be
out round about December??

Chances are good for it to be in for July/August then for
Etch freeze. As ever, wait and see :)

> If it will be 4.1, will every debian package
> automatically be compiled with the SSP in etch? Or is
> a certain compile-flag needed to be activated, which
> won't be the default in etch?

Let's see what SSP breaks in terms of old code _first_ :)

> It seems that Redhat will release RHEL 5 in the end of
> 2006 with a gcc 4.1 compiler. 

Ignore Red Hat - they released 2.96, remember, and GCC that
couldn't compile a kernel.  In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 they released
with 3.4.x _and_ a pre-release alpha quality snapshot from December 12
2004 for 4.x - fully three months before 4.x was released.

If you want cutting edge compilers that just don't work, use Red Hat

> cheers, 
> mike.
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